Fearless Weirdos



fir-ləs (wîrd oz) n. A member of an unorthodox, highly skilled design unit or expressive artistic visionaries in small bands who strategically create stylized clothing that purposefully defy personal limitations and inhibitions. 

                                                                                                                                      -Fearless Weirdos
The online store features Limited edition T-shirts, Apparel and Shoes endorsed and inspired by Filmmakers, Artists and Fashion Designers. Fearless Weirdos is dedicated to expressive and artistic clothing designed and infused from American & Japanese lifestyle and pop culture.
Fearless Weirdos- “FW” is a highly unique concept for clothing in the current clothing market inspired by American 
and Japanese fashion, music, art  and film entertainment. Three industries that make the fashion world go round.
FW is a popular wearable art and style currently, which fuses “weird” and “ cool”. Once known, black oval-modular 
shaped eyeglasses were associated with weird but now is adopted as cool and unique in an
array of vast colors. The color socks shown from short skinny jeans was once a weird nerd alert but now
What is cool and expressive is the idea to not always “match to match” colors and consistency of
silhouettes and feel as though its “YOU”. Many consumers are more daring and following this
movement. Those who once laughed at RX eyeglass wearers now want to wear eyeglasses to be stylish
rather than for 20/20 vision. We are individuals, artistic visionaries, a clothing line, and a timeless movement. 
No risk, no rewards.
Our fulfillment is satisfying the needs of our customers with continuous style
and timeless collections based on creativity and inspiration of ones lifestyle.

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